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It's time to take action. In spite of everything that's going on.

We're in the middle of a global pandemic. There are many reasons to put off learning the foundations that are essential for creating inclusive books.

Perhaps staff are on furlough. Or juggling work with childcare and homeschooling.

Perhaps you've planned to focus on something else.

Maybe you haven't budgeted for it.

And you're got a couple of inclusive books in the pipeline....

But what is the impact of only putting out one or two inclusive books? Books that many children won’t see. What is the cost of delaying?

Yes, it might be hectic. Yes, budgets are stretched. Yes, there are other things to focus on. But the time to act is now.

Because right now, and in the years to come as we move past this, children will need books more than ever. And they will need books that support their wellbeing. Books that make them feel safe.

And that’s what good inclusive books do. They show children that every single person is of value – valued enough to be in a book. That it’s safe to be who they are, because books show a range of ways of being.

Children don’t need another book celebrating difference. Whilst these have a value, they miss the point of inclusion. The separate rather than include.

You can wait to do this work. But, you know what? Other’s won’t. Do you want to be a leader in this field or a follower?

Imagine the impact of quickly, and authentically, making your whole list inclusive.

The cost of delaying this work is significantly higher than the cost of taking action.

Can you afford to put this off?

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