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Karra McFarlane, Oxford University Press Case Study

“Being a publisher, I felt that inclusion was something I needed to consider.”

Karra McFarlane has gained a new level of insight into the impact of inclusion through taking part in the Inclusion Incubator Programme.

“I feel I now have the confidence to take risks and push for change. Often I would have just accepted being told things weren’t possible, but considering the true impact of inclusion has pushed me to strive for change” she explains. Having been concerned at first at the time commitment of the programme, Karra describes the Incubator as truly engaging and found the content immersive and compelled her to fully participate in the process.

“It’s definitely worth it! I think we all feel we don’t have the time to take on additional work or new challenges but this is one of those times where it’s definitely worth making the time. I would say this programme is invaluable to anyone directly involved in influencing the path of the next generation.”

Find out more about the Inclusion Incubator

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