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Learn the essential foundations 
for making books inclusive

Foundations for Inclusion

You understand that inclusion is important, and you're doing the best you can. You have some knowledge about how to make books inclusive and do so whenever you can, ​however, you know that there is more you could be doing.


You don't want to just tick boxes. You want to truly effect change but you know it takes more than just good intentions.


Maybe you've got some ideas of what you could be doing, or want to do, but you're worried about getting it wrong. You not only want to understand what goes into making truly inclusive books, but you also want to know how to apply this to the projects you are working on right now.

You are not alone. When I'm consulting on books there are pitfalls that come up again and again, and I find myself giving similar explanations not just about how to overcome them, but why this is important.

Transform good intentions into truly inclusive books

Foundations for Inclusion gives you exactly that: the essential knowledge and understanding of approach you need if you truly want to make books inclusive.


There's a different focus each week with activities to explore where you are and to help you apply what you've learned to current or recent projects, including prompts for working on your mindset around inclusion and inclusive books.


Regular group sessions will help you take what you are learning and make it work for you and the projects you're working on right now. The peer support from the rest of the group will help consolidate learning and drive you forwards.

"Beth's course has been transformative. For many years, I approached issues of Diversity and Inclusion with good intentions but little actual knowledge or confidence. The course has provided invaluable knowledge and insights into representing disability, diverse ethnicities, LGBTQ characters and families, accessibility and much more. I feel bolstered by this knowledge and inspired by the creative ideas that have been generated during the course. Highly recommended."

Kristen Harrison, Publisher

An 8 week programme to lay the essential foundations for inclusion

Each week for 8 weeks you'll be given access to pre-recorded content discussing a particular topic or aspect to consider when making inclusive books. This will be accompanied by a PDF of the content, which will also include pointers to remember, implementation and mindset tasks and may also include suggestions for further reading or information. 


Everyone enrolled will be invited to join a discussion space where you'll be encouraged to share your responses to the implementation and mindset tasks and support each other. The peer support on the beta round has been phenomenal so engaging in the group is a big part of the experience. I'll also be responsive on any posts.


In addition to this, there will be an introductory group video call where you can all get to know each other, and 4 group video calls where I'll answer any questions and you'll have an opportunity to talk about a project you're working on get support to apply the learnings from the programme.​

"The most useful and insightful training I've had in my [18 year] publishing career."

Cathy Atkinson, Freelance Publisher

"I can feel my mental attitude to inclusion changing – it's no longer a scary thing that I don't understand, so I passively avoid. Having this information from a clear source will give me the confidence to make changes and have fun doing it!"

Rose Parkin, Freelance Editor and Project Manager

Who is it for?

Foundations for Inclusion is for freelancers in the publishing industry (including editors, designers, authors and illustrators). The content is written with picture and illustrated books in mind, but the learning can be applied to other children's book and educational products and the group sessions and peer support will help you do this. Teachers and tutors of children's writing and literature will also find the programme relevant, although the content is written from a book creation perspective.

"This course is a fantastic starting point to help anyone working in children's books start thinking about inclusivity. It's as useful for authors and illustrators as it is for editors and designers as well as those reviewing books. This isn't just about understanding how to make a book more inclusive, but also why it's so important - from accurate representation to good accessibility - because everyone should feel that books are for them. "

Lisa Davis, Freelance Children's Book Editor and Publishing Consultant

What's the investment?

Foundations for Inclusion is an investment that goes well beyond the programme. You will develop an understanding and awareness of issues regarding inclusion, and how to apply these to real projects, as well as pointers from each unit that you can use as guidelines on every project you work on in future.​

Investment – £375

"I would definitely recommend this course for anyone even thinking about wanting to make a difference in children's books and also publishing in general. The knowledge can be applied across the board - commissioning, writing, editing, illustration - and provides a solid base from which you can start important conversations and make practical changes."

Melanie Robinson, Freelance Editorial and Content Professional


What's the breakdown of the programme?

  • Introductory video call

  • 8 pre-recorded videos of teaching content – released each Friday for 8 weeks.

  • 4 group video calls in weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 (taking place on a Wednesday or Thursday)

  • Discussion space for sharing responses and peer support

Will I receive any evidence I've completed the programme?

Participants who engage with the tasks and share their responses in the Facebook group will receive a PDF certificate and LinkedIn recommendation.

Can I expect responses to my posts in the Facebook group?

I will aim to respond to posts in the Facebook group in 24-72 hours, Monday-Thursday.

What time are the live group sessions?

The group sessions are usually on a Wednesday or Thursday. The sessions are usually 11-12 or 12-1. I try and accommodate different time zones if I can. Sessions may occasionally be at a different time if I have another commitment at the usual time.

What if I can't make a live group sessions?

All video sessions hosted and recorded in Teams, where the recordings will also be available to rewatch. Please try your best to attend the introductory session live.

I'm not a freelancer. How can I get this support?

If you are employed in the publishing industry, check out the Inclusion Incubator. If you are a very small independent publisher, please get in touch to discuss how I can best support you in laying the foundations for inclusion.

If your questions hasn't been answered above, please get in touch