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Many of my clients are keen to broaden representation beyond ethnic diversity, to also include other aspects such as disability or family set-up but are unsure of where to start – or worry they will get it wrong and cause offence.


I offer a comprehensive range of services including strategic consultancy, DEI reviews (with a team of associates) and comprehensive programmes to help publishing teams understand the basic principles of inclusion.

I can help you identify the possibilities for inclusion and give you the confidence to act and make big changes. Along the way I offer advice and feedback without judgement and will ensure you are fully informed - alleviating concerns about making mistakes or causing offence.


I bring a fresh perspective to any children’s book project or list, backed up by my extensive editorial insight.

"Opened my eyes to the myriad decisions in a book's creation that determine its accessibility. From discussions around typefaces and spot colours, to shaping the messages embedded in a book's text and artwork. [It] has heightened my awareness of what contributes to a book being truly inclusive."

Anna Ridley, Commissioning Editor

Training and consultancy programmes:

My mission is to support publishing professionals to understand the basic principles of inclusion so that they can naturally embed it in everything they work on. I'm on a mission to transform the children's and educational book landscape and I can't do it alone. I want to support everyone in publishing to feel confident in creating inclusive publications. We need to move beyond having good intentions and ensure that those working in the industry have the tools and understanding to make publications authentically inclusive. Who know how to do the research to make this happen. Who know where to look for the answers. I've developed two programmes that combine training and consultancy for a really transformational impact. 

Inclusion Incubator

For teams working in-house in publishing. 12 week programme featuring regular consultancy sessions.

Foundations for Inclusion​

For freelancers in publishing (including authors/illustrators). 8 week programme featuring fortnightly group sessions.

This is not conventional training. Training where you listen for an hour or two, feel inspired, but when you get back to your desk your inbox and to-do list take over. The drip feed of content, and opportunity to discuss how it applies to YOUR projects, will be transformational.

"The best training I’ve had for years and better than other external training I have had.

It’s a great model as it enables you to really apply what you are learning to your own context – and the content matter is very thought-provoking. I often find myself thinking about it when I’m not working and we have already discussed some of the outcomes it in our team meeting."

Senior Development Editor, Oxford University Press

Other ways to work with me

There are other ways to work with me, but I strongly advise you complete the Inclusion Incubator or Foundations for Inclusion first or alongside any work we do together. Priority will be given to clients who have started or completed the programmes.

D&I Reviews and audits

Working with a team of associates, I manage and deliver audits of new or existing series. We'll read and comment on a publication, giving solutions-focused feedback across all facets of diversity, identify missed opportunities and highlight positive representation.

Comments will indicate which changes are absolutely essential as well as which are more down to publisher choice, and provide a summary report alongside the marked up manuscript.

The associates I work with have all completed my comprehensive training and I act as a further mentor on each project to ensure the quality of all feedback.

Children's Storybooks
Open Book

Strategic and Creative Consultancy

Have an idea for a new project or series and want to consider inclusion and potential pitfalls from the very start? Or want to review what inclusion looks (or could look) like across a whole list?


I offer strategic and creative consultancy services ranging from virtual or in person discussions with teams, to consultation on proposals, illustrations and manuscripts.


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Inclusion Reads

Inclusion reads highlight anything that may have crept into a project as a result of unconscious bias, including negative mental health language (which you can read more about in my blog post), problematic descriptions of diverse characters, comments or portrayals that perpetuate stereotypes, ableism and more.

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Notebook and Pen
Checking Text on a Document

Project Research and Development

Got an idea but not sure where to start? I can help research content, find suitable partners or authors, and bring a new project to life. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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