Finding my Family | Guest blog by Laura Gallagher

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Finding my Family is a guest blog series exploring how families are represented in children's books, whether that's due to set-up, ethnicity, neurodivergence, disability, LGBTQIA*, socio-economic status or any other facet of diversity.

Laura Gallagher is a children’s author and singing teacher.

Her book, Robo-Babies is published by Owlet Press.

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Who makes up your family?

I have a husband and a son born via IVF, but I came from a family of four sisters!

Why is inclusion in children’s books important to you on a personal level?

I want to dispel the fairytale notion that there is one linear way to live our lives. Life doesn’t go to plan and we need to teach our children resilience and diversity in all sorts of situations. My reason for writing a book about the many ways we make families is because I was so shocked that having a baby didn’t come naturally to me, and I had to have IVF. Many can’t have children and have to take different routes.

Can you recall any occasions when you’ve found representations of yourself/your family in children’s books?

Not really.

How did it feel to find these representations, not find any representation or to find inauthentic or negative representation?

This is why I have written my children’s book, as there wasn’t any real representation about parents struggling to have children and needing help. And the emotions surrounding that.

How could someone authentically represent you/your family in a children’s book? What nuance would make it authentic?

The idea that everything isn’t always perfect and feelings can sometimes be complex. And we need help sometimes to get the things we need or want.

If you or your family could be in any children’s book (as yourselves) what book would it be?

I love the book Papa, Please Get The Moon for Me. As it’s about nature and reaching up above and beyond but also realistically knowing you can aim high but may not reach it!

What is your favourite children’s book? Why?

I have a two year old, so not a very complex book but we love The Bear and The Piano. And also On the Night You Were Born.

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