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How do you learn the foundations of inclusion?

The Inclusion Incubator will ensure that you and your team have everything you need to transform the bookshelves of the future.

The Inclusion Incubator provides you not only with the foundations you need to make books truly inclusive but with the practical steps to enable you to take action right away. Making inclusive books is not just about putting a diverse range of characters in books. It's HOW you include them and represent them that makes a book truly inclusive. 

The Inclusion Incubator will alleviate concerns about making mistakes or causing offence. Not because it will provide you with all the answers, but because it will ensure you know when answers need to be found and how to find them.​

The Inclusion Incubator isn't just about changing what you know and understand, but about changing how you think, and my clients have found the mindset work really powerful.

"The most useful and insightful training I've had in my [18 year] publishing career."

Cathy Atkinson, Freelance Publisher

8 weeks to lay the foundations that will impact every single book you publish

The programme takes place over 8 weeks and with a powerful combination of online video training, consultancy sessions and a sharing platform for your team.


Each week you'll be given access to pre-recorded content covering the Inclusive Approach, Disability Dynamics, Identity and Family Fundamentals and Ethnicity and Cultural Considerations. Implementation activities each week will help you explore where you are and start to apply what you've learned to current projects, including prompts for working on your mindset around inclusion and inclusive books.

To help you take what you are learning and make it work for your team and the books you publish, we'll have fortnightly consultancy sessions to discuss the topics further in relation to current projects. In these I'll gently push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to think bigger. I'll hold you to account but also hold your hand.


In between sessions, a Slack 'Workspace' will provide a space to share and discuss responses to the tasks and topics, both with myself and other team members.

What you get:

  • Access to MemberVault with video content released weekly.

  • PDFs of content

  • Implementation tasks to see how the learning applies to your projects.

  • Mindset activities to change how you think about inclusive books.

  • Fortnightly consultancy sessions to help you apply what you've learned your projects.

  • Access to an exclusive Slack Workspace for your team to discuss anything that comes up.

"I feel much more confident and even more committed to inclusivity in children's books. Where I perhaps had a hunch or a gut instinct about something not being right, I now have the tools to articulate why that is, and to propose solutions."

Rose Hall, Writer and Editor, Usborne Publishing

Is it right for my team?

If you believe that inclusion in children's books is essential and want to make a difference, this programme will be a game changer, whether your knowledge around inclusion is basic or whether you feel like you are already making good progress in this area.

The Inclusion Incubator is ideally suited to children's picture/illustrated book publishing teams as the content looks at illustrations and text. Signing up a team ensures that everyone working on a list is on the same page and allows for peer to peer support and consolidation of learning. ​

"I was incredibly impressed with how much the course covers over eight weeks while never feeling overwhelming. I started the course knowing I wanted to make children's books more inclusive, and have come out of it feeling confident I can do just that."

Lisa Davis, Children's Book Editor and Publishing Consultant

The Inclusion Incubator is an investment for the books you and your team are working on now and in the future. You will develop an understanding and awareness of issues regarding inclusion, and how to apply these to real projects, as well as pointers from each unit that you can use as guidelines. going forwards. It will transform how you approach making books inclusive.

"Beth shares her expert knowledge in a warm, friendly and non-judgemental way. Whatever your starting position, she provides you with the confidence, skills and resources to make inclusion a core part of your working practice and creative output."

Helen Dineen, Freelance Writer

If you've got this far, I know that you are committed to ensuring true inclusion in children's books. If you'd like an invitation to explore this further, click the button below to take the next step.