Making your books authentically inclusive takes time, knowledge and experience. You can do it in-house, but it might take time you don't have, or end up being sidelined or forgotten in a busy schedule. What if you do find time but you get things wrong? However, if you outsource, how will you ever learn?

When you work with me we work as a team. I'll explain the reasons behind all my suggestions, encourage you to consider various aspects and help you to identify strengths as well as areas for improvement. 

"Opened my eyes to the myriad decisions in a book's creation that determine its accessibility. From discussions around typefaces and spot colours, to shaping the messages embedded in a book's text and artwork. [It] has heightened my awareness of what contributes to a book being truly inclusive."

Anna Ridley, Commissioning Editor

I have the knowledge and experience you need and there are many ways we can work together to make your books more inclusive. I also offer editorial services and support. 


The options below are a guide; feel free to get in touch to discuss the services that will best suit your needs. It is advisable to book my time in advance as I can get very busy.

Open Book



Inclusion reads highlight anything that may have crept into a project as a result of unconscious bias, including negative mental health language (which you can read more about in my blog post), problematic descriptions of diverse characters, comments or portrayals that perpetuate stereotypes, ableism and more.

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Weekly training, activities and mindset prompts to give you the foundations for creating inclusive books, supported by 1:1 consultancy to help you apply your learning to your current projects to create authentically inclusive books.

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Specifically for freelancers in publishing, weekly training, activities and mindset prompts to give you the foundations for creating inclusive books, supported with a Facebook group and live Q&A sessions  to help you apply your learning to your current projects,

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Children's Storybooks


Commissioning and editorial management, developmental, line or copy-editing and proofreading.

I am proficient with InDesign and can work with native files or provide layout and typesetting, returning print-ready files.

Editorial rates

Checking Text on a Document
Notebook and Pen


Got an idea but not sure where to start? I can help research content, find suitable partners or authors, and bring a new project to life. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.